Arctic Adventure

What an adventure! 28 below zero -- with windchills coming in around 50 below farenheit!
School's cancelled and the kids are going outside to play. The whole town rejoices in the arctic experience which gives us bragging rights, proving just how hardy these northwoods folks can be.
I heard that if you tossed a cup of boiling water in the air in temperatures like this, it immediately evaporates into a cloud of ice crystals.
We tried it -- and it WORKS!!


  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    It's not that cold. On the Channel 6 news last night, they showed a photo of a thermometer in Babbitt, MN at -53. :0

  2. ONCE when we lived there it got 53 below with a chill factor of 85 below. We played out that day in the afternoon too - - - for a while.

    I had heard about the sublimation of water at that temperature - - - and WISHED I'd known about it way back when I could have TRIED it.

    Thanks for the experiment. I have enjoyed it TREMENDOUSLY vicariously.

    Also - - - I had been WONDERING if Hayward was out of school today.

  3. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Those pictures are cool looking. 20 is as cold as I ever want to go.


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