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Each Step I Take

Each step I take my Savior goes before me,  And with His loving hand He leads the way.  And with each breath I whisper, I adore Thee; O what joy to walk with Him each day. At times I feel my faith begin to waver,  When up ahead I see a chasm wide.  It's then I turn and look up to my Savior,  I am strong when He is by my side. Each step I take, I know that He will guide me;  To higher ground He ever leads me on. Until someday the last step will be taken.  Each step I take just leads me closer Home. I trust in God, no matter come what may,  For life eternal is in His hand, He holds the key that opens up the way. That will lead me to the promised land. -- Elmo Mercer

The Relationship Between Emotional Health and Organizational Vitality

  "When emotional dynamics are healthy, organizations are vibrant, creative, risk-taking, and highly adaptable, being able to meet any challenge with ease while retaining the essence of their identity. When the emotional dynamics are poor, organizations are rigid and reactive, trying to ignore or dismiss the need for change, and unable to cope with conflict." -- Clara King A Preliminary Look at Flourishing Congregations in Canada: What Church Leaders are Saying p. 68.

A Prayer for College Students

  Lord, bless those embarking on this journey of higher education. Keep them safe, strong, and sensitive to your Holy Spirit. As they venture forth, may they sense your presence and follow your guidance daily: discerning the difference between knowledge and wisdom. May their character be shaped through a posture of curiosity rather than criticism; humility rather than haughtiness; and diligence rather than halfheartedness. M ay they be conscientious while avoiding the scourge of stressful perfectionism, and seek to understand those who look at life through a different lens. May biblical faith be their sure foundation of education. May they love to learn -- but more importantly, may they learn to love. Amen.

A Reset Button for Joy and Peace

Sometimes, when climbing out of bed I must remind myself of Psalm 118:24: “This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” This exercise is especially helpful on days when there are major challenges before me, and serves as a spiritual/emotional reset button for a “faith lift." This is the Day: Today really counts. In fact, it’s the only day I have. I don’t have yesterday. It’s already gone. There’s no guarantee about tomorrow. But I do have this golden opportunity called today to treasure and I can make the most of it! John Wesley said “redeem the time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.” Moments are precious. Every breath we take is a special gift. This is the day to live! Some folks live in yesterday's regrets; others live in the dread or wishfulness of tomorrow; but, we are called to live today. Make today count! The Lord Has Made: I realize that I’m not in charge. Every morning, when I rise, the Lord has already made my day! A guaranteed path to