Aaron Rodgers Shares His Faith

From Athletes in Action:  Leader of the Pack

As a result of watching his parents live their faith, Rodgers asked Jesus to be his Savior when he was very young. His faith grew through reading and studying the Bible and attending church.

There was a short time when Rodgers started to drift away; but he had two mentors to help steer him back in the right direction. Pastor Andrew Burchett was the youth pastor when Rodgers was a teen and Matt Hock was leader of their church youth group called “Young Life.” Their influence prompted Rodgers, at 16, to dedicate his life to living for Christ.

 “Matt Hock was the first person who showed me how much fun and how cool it can be to be a Christian,” Rodgers says. Through “Young Life” Rodgers got involved in service mission projects and camp experiences, and built relationships that encouraged his and others’ Christian faith to grow.

He went on to be involved with Athletes in Action during his two years at the University of California, Berkley, where he led the Golden Bears to two bowl games and “the great victory over Stanford my junior year,” Rodgers adds.

When it comes to talking to others about his faith, Rodgers is not one who preaches or pushes his faith on others. “I like the saying from St. Francis of Assisi, ‘Preach the gospel at all times, if necessary use words.’ I try to live my life in a way that reflects my faith in the Lord,” Rodgers says. “I don’t like to get in peoples’ faces. The best way for me is: Let your actions talk about your beliefs, start a relationship with others, then finally there is a chance for questions.”

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  1. I didn't know this about Aaron - - - soooo glad you shared, makes me like him even more than I already do!


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