My Updated Ordination Succession

 I made an error when I listed my ordination succession a few weeks ago. 

I was ordained by Earle Wilson and he was ordained by William Neff.

I had thought that Neff was ordained by early Pilgrim leader, Seth Rees, but upon further investigation, he was actually ordained by Winfred Cox.  Thus, my ordination line takes a fortunate turn.

It was a struggle reconciling Rees anyway.  I had taken a leap saying that he was ordained by the Nazarenes -- when, in fact, he was originally "recorded" (not ordained) by the Quakers, and the Nazarenes claim they never ordained him.  I find that hard to believe -- especially when, according to historian, Kostlevy, he participated in ordinations for the Metropolitan Church Association, a forerunner of the Pilgrim Holiness Church.

Anyhow -- deepest apologies for leading anyone astray and here is the updated ordination succession for Earle Wilson and anyone ordained by him (including former Wesleyan GS, JoAnne Lyon).

I was ordained by Earle Wilson in 1987 in the Pacific Southwest District.

Earle Wilson was ordained by William Neff (Pilgrim Holiness)

William Neff was ordained by Winfred (W. R.) Cox (Pilgrim Holiness)

Winfred (W. R. Cox) was ordained by George Kulp (International Apostolic Holiness Church)

George Kulp was ordained by Stephen Merrill (Methodist Episcopal)

Stephen Merrill was ordained by Thomas Asbury Morris (Methodist Episcopal)

Thomas Asbury Morris was ordained by Robert Richford Roberts (Methodist Episcopal)

Robert Richford Roberts was ordained by Francis Asbury (Methodist)

Francis Asbury was ordained by Thomas Coke (Methodist)

Thomas Coke was ordained by John Wesley (Anglican)


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