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Beats Gloucester

I had eagerly anticipated my trip to Gloucester all week, and so I arrived early at London's King's Cross Station to catch the train.

My hopes were dashed, however, as I looked at the departure board, and noted that train service to Gloucester had been cancelled. Now, my plan was ruined! I was angry and disappointed. Why couldn't those idiots fix the railroad tracks any other day besides when I'm on sabbatical hoping to go to Gloucester? Now, my plan was ruined! Ruined!

Forlorn and frustrated, I sat down at King's Cross Station, hunching-- until I recalled Bill's instructions. Bill, my sabbatical advisor from the Louisville Institute, reminded me to stay positive when things go wrong -- "Because I guarantee something WILL go wrong," he said. "It will rain! They will lose your luggage! You will miss your bus or plane -- but don't let that ruin your journey! You can determine ahead of time to stay positive regardess of what happens! …