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My Money Says Trust God

I was stewing over a financial concern recently, when a sales clerk recently handed me a dollar in change. I happened to notice the little inspiring message on the back: “In God We Trust.” It's exactly what I needed to remember!
Do you realize your money is a statement of faith? There it is in plain sight -- stamped on George Washington's backside --  this inspiring declaration --  in God we trust! 
Using money is like passing out little gospel pamphlets:
In God We Trust!
In God We Trust!
In God We Trust!
Your wallet’s full of ‘em!

Even atheists don't refuse them.

Buy a Big Mac at McDonald's or a Dilly Bar at Dairy Queen, and you’re telling the clerk to trust the Lord!

How ironic! We have such a hard time trusting God with our money, when all along our money is telling us that’s exactly what we should do!

It is far better to trust in God than in possessions. Jesus said you cannot serve both God and mammon. If we look to money for security, significance and survival, we will be …

Prayer for a Wounded Land

Dear Lord,
The brutal events which unfolded across our nation in recent days reveal how torn and divided we are.  The soul of America is desperately wounded and needs healing that can come only from your hand.
We pray for the families of those who were slain so senselessly this week:  Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Philando Castile in Minneapolis, and the five police officers, (Loren Ahrens, Michael Krol, Michael Smith, Brent Thompson, and Patrick Zamarripa.) -- That you would grant them comfort in this dark hour, and strength to face the painful days that lie ahead.
We remember those who were wounded in Dallas, and those who witnessed the violence in Louisiana and Minnesota firsthand. We remember the children who are being raised in communities where gun violence is commonplace. Please overshadow them with your presence and keep them safe.
We pray for those who serve in law enforcement, as they place themselves daily at risk to serve and protect the vulnerable.  Please grant them dis…

Have We Prayed Yet?

The other day,as we sat at the dinner table, I asked, "Have we prayed yet?"

Saying a quick blessing over food does not necessarily constitute a prayer from the heart.. Prayer is profoundly sacred space,. A meaningful conversation with Almighty God, the Great Creator of the Universe -- the Group of all Being and Essence of Everything, is certainly something to remember. If we can't recall whether or not we've had such a conversation, then we probably haven't prayed yet.

There's a significant difference between really praying and mumbling a few words with your eyes closed.

Storms Are the Triumph of His Art

"Away Despair! My gracious Lord doth hear:
 Though winds and waves assault my keel,
 He doth preserve it, He doth steer,
 Ev'n when the boat seems to reel:
 Storms are the triumph of His art:
 Well may he close his eyes, but not his heart."  --  George Herbert

The Secret of Getting Along

Some people have a hard time getting along with others.  Wherever they go, they leave a trail of broken relationships, disappointments, and a heap of former friends.

An individual can be highly intelligent, a hard worker, willing to go the extra mile, committed to excellence -- and still fail because of relational problems.
I've often wondered why so many people sabotage themselves.  Is it just the way they're wired?  If so, is it possible to change?  
Yes, we're all wired differently -- and some are easier to get along with than others.  However, applying a few relationship rules can help you get along with almost anybody.
1.  Focus on the positive.  You will find plenty of flaws in everyone if you look for them.  Instead, go mining for the positive, and you will find that too!
2.  Never go fishing with a crab-apple for bait.  If you want people to be friendly to you, be friendly to them first.  Don't wait for the other person to give the first cue.  They might be as …