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What Did You Mean By That?

"Half the harm that is done in the world," said poet, T.S. Eliot,"is done  by people who want to feel important. They do not mean to harm. There  are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves."

 I've discovered that most of the time, people mean well. Even when  they speak or behave in troubling ways that makes us wonder -- they  mean well.  It's best to give the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

 Yet, at the same time, it is also beneficial for us to examine our  motives, and try to understand more deeply how our behavior effects  others.

 Sometimes, winning the argument loses the fight. A marriage counselor once asked a distraught husband,  "Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right?"

 After a frustrating conversation one day, I thought, "What he said spoke so loud, I couldn't understand a word  he meant!"

 Perhaps, the best path is mapped out by St. Francis of Assisi, who prayed:

 Lord, make me an ins…

The Surprising Seed of Heaven

Poem by Mark Wilson  Photo by Hannah Wilson

 Faith, the seed of heaven
 planted by surprise in earthen soil.

 The barren ground reluctantly invites, mostly disdains
 this small possibility of hope.

 Stirs slightly, irritated, yawns and then settles
 back in lazy slumber mostly convinced
 that the interruption is merely
 a burial of another empty dream.

 Entombed in heavy darkenss
 the seed of heaven sings
 as it reaches for a land beyond its grasp
 and hopes for the hand of God it cannot see.

 But no dark place can silence
 the song of faith and hope.
 And calloused soil cannot withstand
 for long refreshing rains.

 Slowly, steadily, the seed of heaven toils
 upward, onward,
 through the dark
 towards heaven's gate.

 Sometimes singing.
 Sometimes sighing.
 Always longing
 for destiny awaits.

 Heaven beckons,
 Earth responds.
 That is the order of
 all created things.

 The earthen tomb
 becomes a womb
 of life anew --
 and resurrection!

 A seed, a sprout, a stalk,
 and then…

Financial Struggles Help Us Grow

Everyone deals with financial setbacks from time to time.  Money doesn't buy happiness - -but the lack of it can sure bring a lot of stress.  My father, talking about the lean years of the Great Depression, said they pinched pennies so tight, Abe Lincon hollered!  George Washington has hollered in my hands a few times!

When facing hard times financially, it pays to remember these are the only times we have.  We need to keep a proper perspective. Here are some important reminders as we face adversity:

1. God is far bigger than the problem.
If a financial crisis looms like a mountain, remember -- God is the mountain mover! There's no challenge too great for the Almighty. There is not one situation beyond His ability. Instead of telling God how big your problem is, tell your problem how big God is!

2. Hard times teach us wisdom.
Difficult days force us to stop and evaluate where we are, what we're doing, and why we're doing it. Nobody becomes wise with ease. It takes trouble t…

Your Results Depend on Your Reliance

“If you rely on training, you accomplish what training can do. If you rely on skills and hard work, you obtain the results that skills and hard, faithful work can do. When you rely on committees, you get what committees can do. But when you rely on God, you get what God can do.”  -- Wesley Duewel in Ablaze for God

Grow For It!

We either just "go" through life or we can grow through it. 

The difference between going and growing is the big "R" --Reflection!
Life is not so much about what happens to us as what happens in and from us.

When we take the time to reflect upon our experiences, we learn important lessons from them.

Failing to glean truth from circumstances, leads to a long rough journey of difficult consequences. going from bump to bump with a few ditches between. 

Reflection brings wisdom and understanding. Why just suffer through difficult experiences, when we can gain something from them? Why waste mistakes?

"Experience is not what happens to you," said Adlous Huxley, "It is what you do with what happens to you."

My friend, Famous Dave Anderson, made the following observation:

"Failure is the hallmark of success. It can be the starting point of a new venture such as when a baby learns to walk, it has to fall down a lot to learn the new skill. Failure is also th…

The Art Resides in the Pauses

A legendary pianist was once asked, "How do you handle the notes as well as you do?  The artist responded, "I handle the notes no better than others; but the pauses. . . Ah!  That is where the art resides!

-- From Rest in the Storm by Kirk Byron Jones

You Can Bounce Back After a Setback

Setbacks are a part of life.  Nobody goes from one success to another without experiencing difficulties and troubles.  As philosopher, M. Scott Peck said,  "Life is difficult."

Sometimes, life feels like a climbing a steep mountain on a hot, humid, summer afternoon, and there's no end in sight.  The struggle in oppressive heat and pressure brings weariness to the bone.  Our spirits naturally wilt in the afternoon heat, under the stress of these conditions.  
We've all experienced these seasons of depletion, and troubles have a tendency to get the best of us, dragging us down into discouragement and despair.  If we don't get the best of them, they will get the best of us.
Of course, it helps to remember that even Jesus had wilderness days when he was tempted, and he said, "In this world, you WILL have tribulation" (John 16:33).  At least we're in good company.
Troubles and heartaches are a part of life, and so we need to learn how to bounce back.   &…