The Ministers' Meeting

Threee preachers, attending their monthly minister's meeting, began to share what was happening in their congregations.

"Things are starting to look up for us," said the Baptist preacher, "we gained three new families last month."

"We did better than that!" said the Methodist, "I think revival may be coming! We gained six new families last month!"

"Well, we did even better than that!" exclaimed the Presbyterian, "Revival has come! We got rid of our nine biggest troublemakers!"


Anonymous said…
I know this is a light-hearted joke, but it stabbed at my heart. Unfortunately, many churches want to 'get rid of anyone' who disagrees with the leaders of the church. Perhaps, it is the leaders who need 'to be gotten rid of'. Do you know how much it hurts to be told, 'this is not the church for you'?

Joking aside, I hope the new church will find what a blessing these new families can be.
I look at this from a different light then anonymous. Mike Yaconelli wrote in Messy Spirituality that he grew the church from 80 to 30. The attitude of the heart can greatly effect the growth in the church. While we want life change from everyone and dont want to see anyone become disenchanted with the church. Sometimes the best thing that can happen for the church is for people to leave, from a pastor's perspective.
Anonymous said…
I somewhat agree with Nathan. Sometimes the best thing that can happen for a church to grow is for the pastor and long-time leaders to leave.
Anonymous said…
Call me Anonymous 2.
To Anonymous,
While I agree that a church cannot grow without a good leader, sometimes the issue is the congregation just as much. I am from a small country church that has had 5 different pastors in a ten year span. A couple of these pastors have had great ministries in other locations, but my church has steadly declined. I do not believe the fault lies totally with the leaders.

I think what Mr. Richardson is trying to say, sometimes growth comes from cutting out the dead branches so the rest of the plant can get the nutrition it needs.

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