The Poet of Ur

It seems to me that a lot of people in blogosphere like to fight too much.

It's safe, I guess, to vent and rant online -- and I suppose that's better than taking your frustrations out on your family, co-workers or your church board.

If possible, I try to steer clear of those controversies. I'm not very good at fighting with bullies, and daddy always said, "Never enter into a spraying contest with a skunk."

That's why I try to keep a positive environment on my blog.

A while back, after observing a heated controversy at Out of Ur, Dan Haase, poet from Wheaton put it like this:

Some come like snakes –
Through cracks, and holes, and misconceptions of argument –
Hissing out their truth,
causing dust to rise,
into the eyes and nostrils –
Then, in clouded mind,
With venom in the veins,
The BODY dies.


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