Patch the Sidewalk

A few years ago, our church board's annual vision strategy meeting didn't go too well. We talked around a dozen issues but ended up making only one momentuous decision:

Patch the Sidewalk!

Merits of a laying a new sidewalk vs patching the old one were discussed at length.  Strong opinions were expressed from both sides.   After a long, circular debate, frugality won the day.

Looking back, I sure wish I had led that meeting towards a more inspiring end.

Imagine, standing before the congregation the next Sunday with this important announcement:

"Brothers and sisters, last Thursday our church board discussed how we're going to fight evil, stir revival, win the lost, multiply disciples, transform the community, and change the world.  After much  deliberation, our first bold step is to patch the sidewalk!"

In the months that followed, I wondered why my board members seemed less than enthusiastic. 

Here's a valuable lesson from that experience: 

Church boards are meant to tap into God's great adventure -- His mission to bring hope and holiness to the neighbors and nations.  Board meetings should major on the majors and minor on the minors.

In the absence of compelling vision, we end up slogging away in trivialities.


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