Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Giving Tree

We have a "Giving Tree" set up in our church foyer, to help needy children. The people in the church select a tag hanging from the tree that contains information about a child (age -- boy or girl -- what kind of things they like.)

Then, we go buy a present for the child.

This week, just when I thought we had distributed all the tags, a respresentative from the Mission Committee came in with 50 more!

As the new tags were being hung on the tree, and realizing the time contstraint, I wondered out loud to Pastor Ben, "We don't have the time to get rid of all those!! How are we ever going to do it???"

He just grinned, and replied, "Faith."

This morning, by the time church was over, all the tags were gone!

Over 200 kids are going to be blessed through the Giving Tree.


  1. naomi9:17 AM

    Just one correction though--please remember that they're not all kids! As we looked through the tags we noticed several adults in need of a few things as well.

  2. mark o wilson12:40 PM

    You're right -- 90% kids -- they did include a few adults who are a part of our church family