Good Leadership

In love, a throne will be established. In faithfulness a man will sit on it. -- Isa. 16:5


Keetha said…
I finally, after two and a half years of blogging, figured out how to make a link list - - - go find yourself on my list!!! :-)
Keetha said…
Ooops - - - I've only been blogging one and a half years.

I already put an answer to your comment on my blog.

GO PACK!!!! I'm watching AND pulling for you. I WILL pull for you up until and if you meet my Colts.

Keetha said…
Hip Hip Hooray for the SNOW PACK!!! Who do you suppose you'll play next week? Giants or Cowboys????
Keetha said…
That nasty old Fat Linebacker sang on my Colts today - - - now it's up to your Pack. Think you have it in you to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl???? I sure hope SOMEONE has it in them.
Cora White said…
Maybe the chargers will? San Doego and Green Bay would make a really nice matchup on February 1. Cora

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