Keyhole Peek

My dear friend, Ed Kleinhammer, a "Living Legend" who played trombone for the Chicago Symphany Orchestra, stopped by my office around Easter time a couple of years ago. He had a question for me.

"Pastor, I am writing an article for the International Trombone Journal, and I'm focusing on Mahler's Symphony #2 -- Resurrection!"

"Whenever I hear this beautiful masterpiece it feels like Easter, and a little foretaste of heaven.", he continued, "That's where I need your advice."

"Do you think it would be appropriate to call Easter "a keyhole peek into heaven?"

"You're FABULOUS, Ed! Yes! It's a keyhole peek into Heaven! I'm going to use that one on Easter Sunday!"

experience the symphony here.
and here -- the grand finale.

Aufersteh'n, ja aufersteh'n
Wirst du, Mein Staub,
Nach kurzer Ruh'!
Unsterblich Leben! Unsterblich Leben
wird der dich rief dir geben!

Rise again, yes, rise again,
Will you My dust,
After a brief rest!
Immortal life! Immortal life
Will He who called you, give you.

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