Some Time We'll Understand

I appreciated Robert's comment today (below) on this post from a couple of years ago. I am re-posting it in honor of the 167th anniversary of Rev. Maxwell Cornelius' birth:

My friend, Mike, bought an old hymnal on e-bay. He carried it up proudly between services a week ago, and said, "Look what I got for 95 cents!"

I leafed through the brittle pages, and landed upon these beautiful words. In light of the sufferings and losses I've witnessed in recent months and weeks, it was a blessing to me.

Upon researching, I found that the author, Rev. Maxwell Cornelius, had suffered deeply in his life. He penned this poem shortly after the death of his wife, and shared them at her funeral service.

Not now, but in the coming years,
It may be in the better land,
We'll read the meaning of our tears,
And there, sometime, we'll understand.
-- Maxwell N. Cornelius (Hymn 82 in Tabernacle Hymnal)

Some day, we will read the meaning of our tears. There is meaning in every difficult and painful experience.


Robert said…
Thanks for the personal note, and the reference to Maxwell Cornelius's beautiful hymn, "Sometime We'll Understand." (Today is the 167th anniversary of his birth.)

Christians face many trials and difficulties in life. Sounds as though you've had your share lately. We often can't answer the "Why?" question. But we have the assurance that all will be made clear one day.

God bless.
tommy mitchell said…
Thanks Mark. That hit the right spot for me!
Anonymous said…
There is truly something about tears… upwelling from our heart. What is it. It is not always sad.. as the preacher tears up during his own sermon. Maybe these tears are like the juice from our heart, when and idea, thought, or event touches us….

S Wiehl

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