Seven Advantages of Pastoring in a Small Town

1. Everybody is connected to everybody. This means that when you help one person, you help the WHOLE community.
2. Word of mouth travels fast. Free advertising!

3. You don't have to be very good to be spectacular. There's not a lot of competition.

4. You can send a mass mailing to everybody and not go broke.

5. You can influence an entire community. The local "salt and light" impact of a thriving small town church is greater than a mega-church in metropolis.

6. Follow up is easier. "Seen Fred lately?" "Nope, but I'll call him this week."

7. When you earn their trust, they will rise up and bless you. Small town folks are loyal and their commitments run deep.


Dale Argot said…
I remember traveling with the Continental Singers many years ago. We traveled to Alaska and Western Canada. There were full churches and auditoriums everywhere we went. We were the biggest event of the year in some of those communities, many which were miles from anywhere.

Lots of good stuff today. Keep it up.

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