Happy Birthday Mom!

My precious mother, Elsie Wilson, turns 87 today!
Here's a picture of her from last Christmas -- but I haven't figured out who that white haired guy is she's hugging!
Mom's a true saint. She had to be, after raising us five boys!

Martin Luther said that becoming a saint requires much prayer and great affliction.

We gave Momma the latter -- which led to the former!
A gracious and godly mother is a tremendous heritage. (Proverbs 31)
She keeps busy with work at the church and volunteering for hospice. She visits several hospice patients each week, and sings hymns to them. Not long ago, she told me how much her visits meant to the "dear old people." Then she laughed and said, "I guess they're not so old after all! They're younger than me!"

Happy Birthday Mom!


Steve Gerich said…
You are blessed.

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