Church Decisions

How do church leaders arrive at the decisions they make?

1. Tradition:
Often, this decision is made by indecision. We just continue to do what we've always done. If it worked in the past, it should work today. There are a lot of empty churches that have operated this way for years.

2. Emotion:
We make decisions based on who will get upset and/or how strongly somebody feels about the issue. Whoever has the strongest emotion wins the day.

3. Pragmatism:
If it works for today, let's do it. This is a "consumer oriented" approach.

4. Selective Theological Interpretation:
This is usually used by a pastor, or a long tenured church member, searching for Bible passages to support #1 and/or #2 as an argument against #3 -- or sometimes visa versa.

5. Biblical Mission:
While staying true to Scripture (the Great Confession) , making faith-inspired decisions based on the Great Commission (Go make Disciples) in the spirit of the Great Commandment.


MBS said…
Church decisions are made on "who" not "what". And the "who" is not God. The ones in control of the decision making want what is good for themselves, regardless of the consequences to others.
Steve Gerich said…
Much goes into decisions made by church leadership. Sometimes it is wise to "do what works". Sometimes being practical is the best decision. I would hope that the mission of God motivates church leadership decisions. The mission of God calls us beyond what is comfortable for us (the Church).

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