Saturday, November 17, 2007

Deer Hunting

Today begins the "other" holy week in Hayward.
The men head off to the woods in blaze orange;
The church is half empty;
We won't be able to find a plumber, barber, or electrician;
Half the cars will have carcasses strapped on top . .
And, I get a free week without ANY marriage counseling!


Keetha said...

And quite possibly a freezer full of meat in the near future - - -

And your town is pervaded by a spirit of excitement that only one who has lived in the Northwoods can understand - - -

And some sad memories, lingering fear, of a hunting season several years past - - -

And remember - - - when your church is half empty, it is still fuller than most others!!!! Perspective.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were an optimist. The Church isn't half empty it is half full.

mark o wilson said...

OK -- half full -- and I still get my free week without any marriage counseling!

Anonymous said...

At least you seem satisfied with the reason your church is only half full.

mark o wilson said...

I'll give them deer hunting week. For a few years, I fought it -- and didn't understand why the guys would take to the woods on the third Sunday of November. Now, I understand the culture better -- so I bless them as they go -- as long as they have a good visit with Jesus while they're out there on the deer stand.

cora white said...

Well it is the second holy week here as well. I so look forward to some fresh venison myself.

I am really hoping for a goose for Christmas.

Jerry Johnson said...

The announcers were saying at the Packer's game yesterday that it was "Women's day" since most of the men were out hunting.
Must be a really strong tradition in Wisconsin. Sure looked like the Panthers were hunted yesterday by the Packers. I believe my 6 yr old daughter could block Julius Peppers....

Jerry in NC.