Difference Between Leading a Church and a Business

"In a business, a leader is trying to get people to do what they don't want to do, and in ministry the leader is trying to get people to become what God wants them to be."

-- Jeff Manion, Senior Pastor of Ada Bible Church (in interview with one of my Church Leadership Class students)


Anonymous said…
Isn't that still what people don't want to do?
Steve Gerich said…
We grow as a result of many things. Some things I welcome, some things I run from. Success and failure, joy and pain all serve to shape us. The leading of a church requires great patience. Matutity is attained in the daily ordinary anvil of life.
Anonymous said…
If a business fails nobody goes to hell.
I like the quote, Mark, but having been on both sides now (pastoral ministry and business), I'm less convinced of the dichotomy between doing and being.

I think what we do is closely tied to who we are are--and both pastors and business leaders (the best ones, anyway) motivate people to act on their highest ideals.

But as Paul reminded us in Romans 7, it's sometimes difficult to do the things we really want to do.
Ralph said…
A great leader wants to bring out the best in each and everyone. A controlling leader wants each and everyone to do what will make the leader look great. Same applies to ministry and business.

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