First Turkey

Helen Hayes, the actress, told about cooking her very first Thanksgiving turkey. Although this highly acclaimed performer of stage and screen was not a star in the kitchen, she thought the time had come, after several years of marriage, to prepare and bake her first turkey.

She called her husband and son in and prepared them. She said, "This may not come out exactly the way you want it too. If it's not a good turkey, don't say a thing. Without any comment, just stand up from the table, and we'll go to the nearest restaurant and eat."

When she walked into the dining room a few moments later with the turkey on a platter, her husband and son were already standing there with their coats and hats on!

(story from John Maxwell)


Keetha said…
Have you found the "click for cans" web site? Well, your Packers are only a little over a million votes AHEAD of the next closest team - - - the Colts. The rest of the field is only separated by 100,000 or less votes.

You guys love your Packers up there or what!?! Hehehehehehe

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