Give Them Jesus

Yesterday was rewarding and fulfilling.

I had to opportunity to visit with a friend who is fighting a life-threatening disease. She has tremendous faith -- much much more than she realizes. She asked some deep questions.

My answers were inadequate, but she left feeling assured, because I gave her Jesus.

I spoke with a board member -- reviewing Thursday night's meeting. We are moving forward into some uncharted territory. It's exciting and frightening at the same time. We prayed together. I had a few questions.

He gave me Jesus.

The roads were snow covered and slippery: the first "bad driving day" of the season. While I white knuckled it to the National Cemetery, I prayed for good Lord to provide safe and timely travel.

Jesus helped me. Thank you Jesus!

Conducting the memorial service for Chet Smigla -- who served his nation aboard ships in two wars, then his neighbors as a Coast Guard search and rescue captain -- I quoted Scripture and Tennyson. After the gun salute and taps, his wife, Karen bravely clutched the folded flag close to her heart.

I whispered a prayer and gave her Jesus.

As the service concluded, and everybody hugged each other, a member of St. Joe's, handed me a box of Tremblay's fudge. A note taped to the box said, "Happy Thanksgivng Pastor Mark. Thank you for sharing your life with us."

I smiled, thanked her, and gave her Jesus.

From there, I drove two and a half hours to Children's Hospital in the heart of Minneapolis. On the sixth floor, little Eddie, only six months old, was struggling.

His family asked if I could come and baptize him.

My normal mode of operation is the "dedication" of little ones rather than baptism. However, we live in Lutheran and Catholic territory. This precious family didn't need a doctrinal discussion. They needed a blessing and a visual reminder that Jesus is holding Eddie close to His heart.

We obtained special permission to wheel Eddie down to the chapel -- oxygen tanks, i.v. tubes and all. Several family members and friends gathered in that small sacred space. A nurse stood quietly in the back of the room wiping tears.

I took Eddie in my arms, blessed him and his parents, and gave them all Jesus.

Driving home, I practiced Sunday's sermon out loud. Folks in the next lane stared and pointed at the "crazy man."

I grinned, waved, and gave 'em Jesus.


Larry said…
That's beautiful
Yesterday must have been a day for miracles. Check my post out, I was given Jesus too. Thanks for everything.
cora White said…
How does one give someone Jesus while driving?

Great post though. I am finalizing my sermon this morning. I am covering because Kevin was away at FLAME classes all week.
fighting back tears...we too often are guilty of trying to give doctrinal discussion, and we miss the whole blessing/reminder part!

keep giving them JESUS! thanks for your words...
Chris in Eaton Rapids MI said…
After Frankfort FLAME I find myself "blessing" people more and more. High days or low days we have keep on giving them Jesus. This post came at a great time thanks for giving me Jesus.

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