Monday, November 05, 2007

King Tut and Snow

Studied Ancient Egypt today with the Kids -- including the public unveiling of King Tut -- the history timeline -- Hieroglyphics (write your name here) -- and we toured a pyramid. (I told them how I actually toured the passageways of one of the pyramids of Giza a few years ago, and they were somewhat impressed.)

Then, I sang Steve Martin's "King Tut" for them. (King Tut -- buried in his jammies, O King Tut -- should have won a grammy. Born in Babylona -- Moved to Arizona -- O King Tut)

They rolled their eyes.
Fortunately, it started snowing and that saved the day.


  1. Speaking of snow - - - they say we may even get some flurries here in IN this week!!!

  2. Snow???? Today was beautiful at Table Rock with highs in the high 60's. Plus theres quite a few leaves on the trees yet.

    By the way, the King Tut song shows your age. I remember members of our band playing that in high school