King Tut and Snow

Studied Ancient Egypt today with the Kids -- including the public unveiling of King Tut -- the history timeline -- Hieroglyphics (write your name here) -- and we toured a pyramid. (I told them how I actually toured the passageways of one of the pyramids of Giza a few years ago, and they were somewhat impressed.)

Then, I sang Steve Martin's "King Tut" for them. (King Tut -- buried in his jammies, O King Tut -- should have won a grammy. Born in Babylona -- Moved to Arizona -- O King Tut)

They rolled their eyes.
Fortunately, it started snowing and that saved the day.


Keetha said…
Speaking of snow - - - they say we may even get some flurries here in IN this week!!!
Dale Argot said…
Snow???? Today was beautiful at Table Rock with highs in the high 60's. Plus theres quite a few leaves on the trees yet.

By the way, the King Tut song shows your age. I remember members of our band playing that in high school

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