Saturday, November 17, 2007

Not Gloating

Now, I'm not gloating or anything -- and I know Jesus loves Michigan fans too. In fact, The Buckeyes were just helping Wolverine character development.


  1. I think I do hear a bit of a gloat.

  2. Anonymous10:46 PM

    It is hard to be humble when you are the best!!

  3. Hmmmmm - - - I haven't been convinced YET that the Buckeyes are the best - - - let's see what happens - - - we don't even know for sure YET who will go to the National Championship game.

  4. Anonymous7:01 PM

    If Hennee didn't get hurt Michigan would have won.

    Oh well I tried!

    Enjoy your gloating, your team won fair and square.

    At least Michigan fans aren't sore loosers.

    I will be thinking of you Mark and give thanks when the Detroit Lions beat Greenbay on thanksgiving day.

    As I've been told the Lions always play well on thanksgiving.

    Finally I know Jesus loves Michigan fans but not all Ohio State fans love Michigan fans.But Jesus loves Ohio State fans too.

    Jesus still loves people who struggle with pride.

  5. How do you get an OSU grad off your porch?

    Pay for the pizza.

    How do you get an OSU football player to go to church?

    Tell him he can get credits towards his liberal arts degree

    Pastoring in Michigan I have heard of Bo Schembechler but I need to ask...who's Woody Hayes? Did he coach somewhere? The name seems like it should mean something but doesnt.

    Next year my year.

  6. I CAN TELL YOU ALL ABOUT WOODY HAYES slugging a Clemson player right during a game!!! I wouldn't be proud to tout THAT name - - - any more than I'd be proud of Bobby Knight. (different team, different state, different sport - - - same temper)

    About the Lions beating Green Bay on TG, don't hold your breath. Brett Favre will be roasting LION instead of TURKEY that day.

  7. mark o wilson8:05 AM

    Ol Woody was fired after that incident -- but, I think maybe he was hired back as their boxing coach

  8. Anonymous10:25 AM

    The good thing was you always knew where you stood with Woody!! Hopefully out of arm reach:) A little smack every once in a while never hurt anyone.

  9. Anonymous9:07 PM

    No Keetha,

    I'm sure farve will help Detroit continue to be the #1 takeaway team with the many interceptions or fumbles he will throw when Shawn Rogers gets in his face.

    The Lions will no doubt gobble up favre and the packers, and all they will have left to eat for thanksgiving is green cheeze.

  10. Loyal Woody Fan10:53 PM

    Obviously many of you only know Woody by one incident. You should get to know the legacy of this man a little better.

    Such a shame! I hope others do not judge you as harshly.