On Saturday, I had a delightful visit with Ron and Carol McClung. Ron is the District Superintendent of the Iowa-Minnesota District of the Wesleyan Church. He's on a sabbatical, and wanted to talk with me about the growth of Hayward Wesleyan Church, and our recent church planting efforts.

I turned the tables just a little and asked him a question:

From your travels and observations of many churches -- what piece of advice you would give to the small town and rural pastors who read my blog?

Ron replied: Relationships!! Relationships!! It's about relationships!!
Pastor, you can preach fantastic sermons, make brilliant strategic plans, and work your fingers to the bone, but if you don't love your people, it won't mean a thing!


naomi said…
Now I know why we were encouraged to introduce ourselves to at least 3 people at the end of the service! Thank you--we need to make it a habit. After awhile, we won't need to be reminded! :)

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