Anonymous said…
I think spanking adults should be legal along with spanking kids. There are a few I would like to swat right now. Every once in a while I could use a good smack to get me back on track.
Anonymous said…
Amen to anonymous. Kids need spanking because they do not have good role models in their parents.

When are we going to hold adults accountable for the wrong things they do and the right things they are too lazy to do?
mbs said…
Spanking kids is absolutely wrong IF these same kids are being spanked for the identical actions they are subject to from their role models who are administering the spanking.

Example - for using the bad language Dad/Mom uses constantly.

Example - for lying/hurting others when their so-called leaders (teachers/pastors/priests/law enforcement) do it constantly.

Let's get to the source of the problem and hold these adults responsible.
Steve Uhthoff said…
My folks spanked and look at me.
Spanking is an important method of raising kids and should be used carefully, sensibly and when appropriate. You can tell a kid who isn't spanked a mile away. Children need discipline and they need to know that there is a consequence to their actions. You can't reason with a two year old.
JustinJNierer said…
For me it was the wire end of a fly-swatter about leaving a mark...YOW. But it worked and I can count (Im not going to say how many hands I am using) how many times it actually was used.
Anonymous said…
I agree that adults should, with their consent, be spanked. When I was a child and broke the rules I was punished. Depending on what I did that punishment was a spanking. While I dreaded being spanked, I have to admit that I always deserved it and that afterwards I always felt that I was once again square with the world. As an adult I sometimes miss being able to pay for my transgressions as I did as a child. Oh to be able to just be spanked and fell that I've paid for my misdeeds and that once again I'm square with the world.
Anonymous said…
my husband and I have an agreement as the authority in the home I submit to his spanking me (among other punishment). It has worked wonders for our marriage and everything. Does God allow corporal punishment by authorities for transgressions. My children are spanked but only when they really need it. They need boundaries but so do I and I find it has helped me better than meds did. It also helps me to atone for my misdeeds and resolve to do better.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.
Anonymous said…
Spanking is designed to inflict physical pain by striking the subject. Physical abuse is simply inflicting too much pain as to be reasonable. Therefore, advocates of spanking are purporting to have the ability to discern the line between reasonable infliction of physical pain by striking and unreasonable abuse. Good luck with that murky area. If your a pro-spankor (not in the doms' or dommes' phyllum) then light punching to the face, holding a child under water, or taking a hot but not scalding hot fireplace poker to a child's skin, all where no permanent injury occurs or risk thereof, must too be lawful acts to be consistent with the legal principal of spanking, which again is inflicting physical pain through some degree of injury. If your a spanking type because of the bible, consider the context and time the spare the rod mantra was recorded. Do you maintain the hebrew food laws as well? Spanking is nothing more than a type of assault. Legal assault or battery. In short, as a kid who was spanked and still very resentful about it, as may your childern, don't do it.

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