Trunk or Treat

I think a thousand kids showed up for Trunk or Treat at the church last night. In an hour and a half, I gave away nearly 4000 pieces of candy (and I was just one small stop in the big event.)

The temperature plummeted with winter winds -- and everybody shivered -- but it was absolutely worth every ounce of effort!

This simple gesture of kindness blessed our whole community. (Special thanks to Bill Wilcox and his small group for leading the charge!)

Moms were thankful for a quick, safe and easy "trick or treating."
The participants (we had about 30 vehicles) enjoyed handing out the candy.
The wide-eyed kids yelled, "Jackpot!!"

. . . and the dentists were glad for some future business.


cora White said…
Do you hand out candy from the trunks of cars? I am guessing that is why it is trunk or treat.
We had a good night as well last night.
We open up the church as a pit stop so to speak. Free restrooms and hot cocoa is the standard. We also hand out waters, real juice and some snacks. We met many new people in town. It was great.
Keetha said…
After reading about this on your blog last year, I recommended it to our LBA, and we did it last night too.

I was really looking forward to participating - - - dressed all out in my Colts blue, wig and all.

Then Greg had to have surgery yesterday to remove three large kidney stones, so here I am, STUCK in a hotel in Indy and missing the WHOLE thing.

I can't wait to chat with our pastor to see how it went.

There's always NEXT year.

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