You're Contagious

Pessimism is contagious.
Optimism is also contagious.
Of which are you a carrier?

-H. F. Wood


Anonymous said…
Pessimism is contagious.

So is stupidity and Holier Than Thou attitudes.

Some people follow the Pastor with their Optimism saying yes! yes! yes! In their effort to please and gain favor with the Pastor or Board they overlook the common sense that God gave them.

If we praise the man who says yes and look sideways at the man who asks WHY we breed another generation of Yes! Yes! Yes! people.

A prudent man asks the tough questions that are hard to ask but need to be asked. This is needed to guarantee a fair and impartial view of the idea being presented.

A dumb Idea is a dumb Idea no matter who has it and a good Idea is a good Idea no matter who has it.

Have the same Yes! men made all the decisions for the past 20 years?

You keep doing what you are doing you keep getting what you're getting!
Anonymous said…
Here's my scientific name for pessimism... "you-have-a-stick-in-your-cocked-eye" which can create a rather bleak view of the world! Just a little tongue in cheek humor on this November day. God's on the throne and we're not! Right, Pastor Mark?! When I think about that, it's really hard to be pessimistic. Nothing like a good inoculation of Jesus! Sue B.

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