15 Measures of Love

The Bible clearly tells us that God is love. If He is at the center of my life -- If He is everything to me -- then I should "BE LOVE" too. It's a lot easier to say, "I'm a loving person" than to really be one. Love goes beyond feeling or intent -- it is character and action.

Here's the filter. What's your LQ (Love Quotient)? What would those around you say about you in these areas?

Does Not Envy
Does Not Boast
Not Proud
Not Rude
Not Self Seeking
Not Easily Angered
Keeps No Record of Wrongs
Does Not Delight in Evil
Rejoices With Truth


Steve Uhthoff said…
I always like to remember that Love is a commandment. In fact it is at the heart of the two greatest commandments. We do a lot of things for the Lord and for our churches but sometimes we miss the point. Paul says it all in verse 8 "Love never fails." Steve

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