Bell Ringer

Just returned from ringing the Salvation Army bell for an hour at the Co-op.

Finally -- I got to be the one shaking that little bell that says, "Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, Guilty."

My schedule is really demanding right now, full of pastoral duties and obligations -- but it was a good exercise for me to take a little time out and be a soldier on the front lines.

After my ringing stint, I had the opportunity to help a poor fellow who had been in jail for a few weeks, due to an unpaid traffic violation. When he was released yesterday, he discovered that the people he lived with had moved away, without any forwarding address. They took all of his clothes with them!

It was 15 below zero this morning -- and the poor guy only had a t-shirt and shorts. I met him at Wal Mart, and (thanks to the kind folks who gave to our benevolence fund) helped him obtain a coat and some warm clothing.

This thought from Jesus rings a bell, "I was naked and you clothed me."


Anonymous said…
I always thought you were a big ding-a-ling. :)

Jonathan Wilson
Keetha said…
WoooHooo!! Your UW-Whitewater Warhawks just won the NCAA Division III National Football Title by beating the Mount Union Purple Raiders 31-21.

What a day for Wisconsin Football!!!!
Dale Argot said…
Mark, I remember those -15 degree days while living in upstate NY. While it wasn't anywhere near -15 here, it was cold by our standards...40 degrees above 0 with a slight breeze and rain. Yuk! I think I'd rather have the snow. Thanks for the story as well.
Anonymous said…
Ok so i felt all good about myself for running around until midnight Friday night buying gifts for 7 children that had not been adopted. But that has nothing on ringing a bell in that kind of weather.

I will have to sign Kevin up for that next year!

Cora White
Anonymous said…
Such wonderful pastoral duties and obligations!
Pam Argot said…
Mark,on Saturday when I rang the bell too. I had a lady come up to me complaining about seeing the red kettles everywhere she went and "didn't I know she given enough already?" I think the bell was ringing guilty in her ears.
Anonymous said…

Maybe she felt she was in a church service where FOUR offerings were taken. Maybe she just wanted you to know she had already given ALL she had. Maybe she didn't want you to think she didn't care or hadn't given. Maybe you shouldn't have judged that she felt guilty.

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