Blue Jean Funeral

Bobo hated suits and ties. So, yesterday, at the family's request, I wore jeans as I conducted his funeral. Now, I've officiated a couple hundred funeral services over the years --and that was my first one in blue jeans.

Also, they put together a memorial slide presentation, with "Turdy Point Buck" as background music. That was a first, too.

Mark, our church custodian (and Bo Bo's brother in law), played the piano -- "The Old Rugged Cross" and "Amazing Grace." That was the first time he'd ever played for a funeral. He was nervous -- but did a fantastic job. Occasionally, Mark surprises everybody and plays a piano solo at church, but mostly he just tickles the ivories when nobody is listening -- late at night after he finishes cleaning the church.

The funeral procession was led by Bo Bo's buddies riding on ATV'S. A fitting send off, for a good man who loved the woods, worked with his hands, and had a heart of gold, especially for children.


Keetha said…
Oh so NORTHWOODS Wisconsin!!!
Anonymous said…
Sure am glad you mentioned this funeral also. I was concerned about this man and his family.

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