Christmas Films

From a study at Purdue: 21st Century Christmas films are darker and depressing.


Anonymous said…
The first 3 films mentioned I have never seen, so I can not comment on them. I did see Elf and Santa Clause with Tim Allen. I thought Elf was just that silly kind of stupid humor. Ed Asner as Santa Clause kind of ruined it for me just for the fact I can't stand Asner. I didn't think it was a great movie but it wasn't horrible. The Santa Clause movie I thought was pretty good and the kids love to watch it. Of Course I like Tim Allen so it made it a little easier to watch.

I have seen some commercials for some really nasty/scary type of movies about Christmas. Some of them are even animated which just grabs the kids attention when the commercial comes on. I don't even like them seeing the commercials let alone the actual movie.

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