Megachurch Protests and Deer Hunting

And speaking of mega-churches . . . this should not come as any surprise. Up here in the northwoods, everybody knows that all the hunters are looking to shoot the big buck.
(Just watch how these churches respond. They won't fight back. I'm predicting they will demonstrate grace and love -- like Jesus would do.)


Anonymous said…
Something tells me that their sword, the word, will let them show the "educators" the real truth.

JustinJNierer said…
"Along with most Christian leaders, all have expressed to some degree an opposition to the homosexual lifestyle"

Have they? My biggest criticism of megachurches is that many (not all) don't say anything at all.

Get me 3 quotes from mega church leaders regarding either homosexuality or Islam.

Happy Hunting.
Steve Uhthoff said…
What would we do if a group like that walked into our church some Sunday morning? It is worth thinking about. We have a large homosexuality community nearby and we have had some issues with them. It can be very hard to respond in a loving way when you are called a "Neo-Nazi" or worse. Something for us all to pray about.

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