Joseph's Prayer

I'm preaching a sermon series on the Prayers of Christmas. Last week, I spoke on Mary's prayer -- the Magnificat.

This Sunday, I'm speaking on Joseph's prayer. Now, here's a challenge for you -- what was Joseph's prayer?

Hint: You'll have to guess at his prayer, because he didn't speak it. There aren't ANY recorded words spoken by Joseph. Still -- I can guarantee you, he prayed! His was a silent, deep down prayer.
I'll say what I think on Sunday morning -- and it's very similiar to the prayer I have in my own heart right now.


Keetha said…
Hey - - - how are all of us who live half way across the US from you going to KNOW what you say on Sunday????

You better "clue us in" later - - -
JustinJNierer said…
Can you send it to me on Monday so that I can use it at a later date?

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