The More Excellent Way

Love is not self-seeking. That's what the Bible says. Popular culture, on the other hand, says something different.

Movies, television shows, and top 40 songs on the radio give us a different message. According to them, love is more like the old Toyota commercial: "I love what you do for ME."

Self seeking love approaches the relationship with a set of expectations: "You are here to meet my needs."
Self sacrificing love comes from opposite perspective: "I am here to meet YOUR needs."

Self seeking love is based on a feeling.
Self sacrificing love is based on a commitment.

Self seeking love is about getting.
Self sacrificing love is about giving.

Self seeking love insists on its own way and demands to be understood.
Self sacrificing love is willing to consider another opinion, and desires to understand.

Self seeking love tries to change the other person.
Self sacrificing love accepts the other person.

Self seeking love attacks.
Self sacrificing love attracts.

Self seeking love is blind.
Self sacrificing love has eyes wide open.

Self seeking love constantly compares.
Self sacrificing love keeps no record of wrongs.

Self seeking love is temporary.
Self sacrificing love lasts forever.

Love is a gift -- which is really nothing, until you give it away.


Lisa Johnson said…
Thank you Mark, for the nice reminder. As the mother of two teenagers, and two toddlers, there are days when I feel like I am sucked dry. It is easy to get caught up into those worldly ideas of what love is. Your post was a "Snap Out of It!" moment for me. I will go forth, and love the more excellent way.
cs said…
You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.
ministerjasonpage said…
This was a very good read today.

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