Our precious young friend, Leah Conner, died yesterday afternoon from a brain aneurysm.

Leah was so full of life and vitality. Yesterday morning, she dropped her two little boys off at Grandma's, kissed them, said "I love you! Bye, Bye!", went out the door, and never returned.

She experienced a severe headache in the morning at work, which grew so painful that they decided to take her into the emergency room. A few minutes later, with her husband, Aaron, by her side, she slipped into unconsciousness.

The staff worked valiantly to save her, and then she was airlifted to Duluth. They pronounced her dead at 5:54 pm.

The family made the courageous decision to donate her organs to others who need them. This course of action prolongs everything -- but it was the good and right thing to do -- and they all agreed that Leah would have wanted it that way.

I am so happy Leah knew Jesus. She was a part of our church since she was a little girl in Sunday School. I recall those days well. I conducted Aaron and Leah's wedding, and dedicated their two little ones, Austin and Hayden.

Leah's faith shone brightly through all the adversities of life. She has a positive and loving outlook, which inspired others. She taught Sunday School in our Nursery for several years, and recently redesigned our church webpage.

We're going to miss her. Please pray for her family as they try to figure out how to proceed from here.


Dale Argot said…
Our prayers are with you Mark -- These things are never easy. Our prayer is that God would wrap His arms around you as you minister to this family. Our prayers are also with the family who lost a wife and a mom. We pray that God would also wrap his arms around this family as they deal with this tragic loss.
Janny said…
Thank you Mark for being there with Leah's (our) entire family and for being our friend as well as our Pastor. We still have a long way to go and we are sooooo Thankful that you and the Lord are with us. I know you were touched by Leah's "Bright Heart and cheery smile " and her love of the Lord as well. I know her God Light will be an inspiration to others and shine on all our paths throughout life. I have Peace in knowing she is with the Lord and spending Christmas with Jesus. Leah's Auntie Janny
jen and phil said…
Leah we will miss you dearly,you have been a true inspriration to us. No matter how your day was, you always left our house after picking up your two precious sons with a smile. We will never foget you. We know that you are with the God you loved so much and spoke fondly of so often. You will live in our hearts forever!
Love Always,
Jen and Phil
Miki said…
Dear Mark and All that attended the service and to those that sent out prayers for our Beautiful Daughter Leah.
We wish to thank you all. Leah's light will never fade. Nor will the love she shown to everyone she met in her all to short, but full life. Thank you all again.
We pray for Aaron and our Grandsons, Austin & Hayden to get through the hard road ahead and that they will seek out help when they need it. And that he knows that he has lots of people that love him and the boys and that God loves them, We pray that Gods love gives him strength.
Leah's Mom & Dad, Rick and Michele Englund

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