Back in the Saddle

Well, I'm back in the saddle again. I spent the weekend with my relatives in Ohio. Conducting Donnie's funeral was one of the toughest assignments I've ever been given -- but God's grace carried me through it.

It was good to be with my brother Tim (Donnie's dad) and my mother, as well as my other brothers, Steve, Sam and Wayne, and their families. I also reconnected with several good friends from yesteryear.

Donnie's wife, Shawn, amazed me. When I opened the floor for people to share their hearts, she stepped forward -- and talked for 15 minutes! She really hit the nail on the head, when she spoke of eternity, and encouraged people to get their hearts right with God.

I think we have another preacher in the family.

I flew back to Minneapolis late Sunday night, and drove to Warrens, where I met my family around midnight at the Wisconsin Pastors' Retreat. Dave Holdren did a fantastic job speaking for us -- a real challenge and encouragement.

We drove home yesterday in a winter storm, with several whiteouts along the way. It was sure good to get home.


Lisa said…
Welcome home... you've been missed.
Cora White said…
I am glad to see that you made it home safely.
JustinJNierer said…
Its great to have you back blogging. My prayers were with you and your extended family.

If there is anything I can ever do, PLEASE dont ever hesistate to ask.

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