Count Your Blessings

Instead of recounting your woes. . .
count your blessings!

Rather than hashing your frustrations. . .
count your blessings!

Why fuss with your family, when you can. . .
count your blessings?!

Don't fret about things you can't fix . . ..
count your blessings!

Quit grumbling about what you don't have. Focus on what you DO have and.. . .
count your blessings!

Instead of stewing in your circumstances, take a chance and . . .
count your blessings!

Sure, there's plenty wrong with this old world -- but there's plenty right too! Just stop for a moment and . .
Count your blessings!

Yesterday carries a load of baggage, but remember the glad days and . . .
count your blessings!

Tommorw brings uncertainties, but nothing you and God can't handle together. Throw your shoulders back with faith and . . .
count your blessings!

Life on earth is much too short to spend in swamps of discouragement. Look up! Help is on the way! You can smile and . .
count your blessings!


What a great post, you hit the nail right on the head with this one. As a recovering control freak who tried to control everyone and everything around me, I can tell you that you've hit on the ONLY thing we have any control over...out attitude. For me, when I focus on whats positive in my life the positive increases. I try every day to count my blessings. Just so you know, we made the move to NE just fine and are getting settled in. Our thanks go out to you and all our family at the Wesleyan Church for all you did to make our time in Hayward such an uplifting time. We love you all and miss you lots.

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