Free Church Planting Demographics

Denominational officials need to pay close attention over the next couple of months. Exit polls from the Republican primaries provide us free demographics for planting evangelical churches in America.

Evangelicals leaving Republican polling places:
Iowa -- 60%
New Hampshire -- 21%

Looks like someone needs to start planting churches in New Hampshire.


Anonymous said…
Could it mean that some of the evangelicals are leaving the democratic polling places instead?

And remember--God isn't a republican--or a democrat! :)
Anonymous said…
Perhaps even a republican who decided to vote as a democrat this year. Or could it mean that some republicans voted for Hilary more than once? Wasn't that what happened in your poll earlier this year?
mbs said…
By reading this post, one would tend to think that only Republicans can be evangelicals.
mark o wilson said…
I was only observing what was reported on the news -- that there were many less evangelicals leaving the polling places in New Hampshire than in Iowa (Republican -- only because nobody reported on the Democratic exit polls of evangelicals. I would certainly have included that in my post if they did.

I'm not talking about the election or politics -- only the percentage of evangelicals in various regions -- and the pollsters are giving us some of that data,
Anonymous said…
It seems important for the Republicans to know if the evangelicals are coming out and voting for the canidate.
If the Democrats did not poll for this it seems not to be as much of a concern for them.

Like it or not the Evangelicals do tend to lean to the right.

Even the media calls us the right wing religious fanatics.
Dale Argot said…
I guess since I pastored in that area (Eastern New York, only miles from the Vermont border) I understand completely the point Mark was trying to make. Yes, Eastern New York and New England needs church planters. The fields may not be ripe for the harvest, but they need plowing, planting, and nurturing. The Christ's Kingdom needs building everywhere.

On a different note, it was while in New York, I became aware that Christian does not = Republican. We had some wonderful Christian and pastor friends with whom we did not see eye to eye politically and yet I know with all my heart that they were doing and are still doing their part to build the Kingdom of Christ in that part of the world. I am truly grateful for my experience there.
Anonymous said…
Christians must stop trying to demonstrate division. True believers that love God do know that Believers on Jesus Christ are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or neither. Our faith in Jesus Christ is two complex to be categorized in such simple political terms. Only narrow minded and uninformed believers believe that you must be a Republican. Hear the greatest command..To Love The LORD Thy God with All Your Heart and to Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself...When Republican and Democrat Christians do this...Our Nation will be better off.
Anonymous said…

I understand the spiritual implications of your post. I spent the summer of 2002 in New Hampshire helping a Southern Baptist church planter. Evangelicals, by and large, are absent from the entire region. Southern Baptists, through the North American Mission Board, planted several churches in New Hampshire and some are thriving. There is a great need for planters who are willing to go and till the ground. It is hard work and requires great sacrifice and time. Thanks for your post.

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