Pray for Kenya

Please pray for Kenya. The nation is spinning out of control, with rioting and killing, in the aftermath of a stolen presidential election. One of our Hayward Wesleyan parishioners, Barb, spends several weeks each year there, in humanitarian work. The entire project is now in a precarious situation. This could be a great opportunity to serve the Kenyans in the love of Christ -- but we need to pray that God will help the team overcome the huge obstacles before them.

Also, we have a pastor from Kenya, Rev. Shege, speaking at our church on Sunday, Feb. 3. He has many loved ones and friends in harms way -- and they all need our prayer support.

Robyn Bjork and friends are going to perform at a Benefit Concert, Feb 14 and 16 at the Park Theater. Besides helping our youth mission teams, the proceeds will go for compassion projects in Kenya.


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