Ash Wednesday

Today, we held an Ash Wednesday Service at noon. About 45 people showed up for a time of Scriptures, old hymns, and prayers. We concluded with the imposition of ashes.

Some pastor buddies scratch their heads at this one. "Are you turning Catholic or something?"

Well, Hayward is Catholic and Lutheran country. When in Rome, you do what the Romans do -- and a few good ideas can come from Rome and Wittenburg! No, the Bible doesn't say you're supposed to observe Ash Wednesday -- but it doesn't say anything about Christmas Eve services either.

As far as I can see it, Ash Wednesday has three points to it:

1. It is a reminder of our mortality. From dust we come -- to dust we shall return.
2. It is a call to humility. We must rememer that apart from Christ, we're only dust.
3. It is a challenge to repentance -- since life is short, and we live only by grace -- we shoud mend our ways and follow the Savior wholeheartedly.
We all searched our hearts at the service and made sure everything was right with God.

What Evangelical wouldn't agree with that??


Anonymous said…
Pastor Mark,
I was one of the people at the service today. I chose to have ashes put on my forehead. After I went back to work, I had many comments made. The best ones that I thought of was people of many faiths (lutheran & catholic) were reminded what day it was and were going to church to attend thoses services. Praise God that we all have the same one God. Kathy Baker
JustinJNierer said…
When I was at Bethany Bible College, we had ash Wednesday services the last three years we were there.

It reminded one of our profs of our "anglican" roots.

We would have had one today here in Michigan, but we got hit with a blizzard.

In past years I even started a great friendship with the local priest simply because he's the one I get the palm leaves from.
Scott said…
We had an Ash Wednesday service too. We had 27 people. I love the focus and desire to worship Christ through repentence, reflection, and redemption. We placed the ashes on a 3.5 card since it was our first time. It had a Scripture on it that implored us to be reconciled to God. It is my new bookmark now. God bless
Scott Uselman
Keetha said…
I LOVE this idea.

I think there is much in the Anglican worship style from which we should borrow.

Have you ever read Jan Karon? When I do I find myself wishing to be more like her Father Tim.
mbs said…
Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Wesleyan??? Who Cares about the Title? This is not what is important!!!!
Anonymous said…
I encourage people to not just think about self-denial during Lent, but to think how to reach out and do something for others. These acts bring one closer to God.

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