Come, All Christians, Be Committed

Today, at our Lenten Prayer Service, we sang "Come All Christians, Be Committed"

Nobody in the room had ever heard of it before -- but by the time we got around to the third verse, I thought it was a fairly good song.

Speaking of being committed -- a young man WALKED to church last Sunday morning, in wind chills that dipped to 40-55 BELOW zero! I was really impressed! Half the congregation stayed home, and here he came in tennis shoes!

God was calling him. That's why he came. During the service, he made the decision to follow Jesus! He's had some challenges in his life -- but I know there are great things in store for him in the days to come.

Next Sunday, we'll light the faith candle in honor of his commitment.


Pastor Rock said…
That is awesome! He heard God's still small voice amidst allm the big wind and cold! God really works on days we least expect it.

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