Homiletics, A Cold, and a Fender Bender

Today, I taught a Homiletics Course at the church (the art of preaching.) It is a Wisconsin District Extension Class, preparing ministers-in-training for ordination in a non-traditional setting.

My five students are bright and eager learners, with a refreshing zeal for the Lord. They've been a blessing.

The class goes all day tomorrow, and then they will hang around for worship on Sunday, with a follow-up conversation about what they experienced. I'm looking forward to. . .

Well, I ALMOST look forward to it. I've not been feeling well -- Yesterday, was in bed all day with a bad cold -- and it hit me hard again as the class was concluding.

I'd asked my family to pray for my strength during the class. I should have asked them to pray for healing beyond it too!

Also, received a call this afternoon that our son, Ryan was in an automobile accident while driving towards Chicago. Nobody was hurt, and for that, I am very grateful.

Well, off to bed -- and I feel guilty playing hookie from Church Valentine Banquet tonight. I just don't have the juice left in me to do another thing.

Hopefully, I'll feel better in the morning.


JustinJNierer said…
Glad that Ryan is ok.

Did you steal..err "borrow" any good preaching ideas from your students?
JC said…
I'm glad your son is okay. So, you're a pastor? That's cool! Anyway, I left a message on one of your old blogs..the Iwo Jima one. Hopefully you're a person that checks their comments, unlike others I know. Hehe. Well, good blog. :)

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