Phil Wilson

Yesterday, we added a new member to the Wilson family -- temporarily at least. His name is Phillip the Snowman . (created by Luke and Wes.)
We can't bring him inside, because he's not housebroken -- but he IS a Packer backer, and that counts for something.


Phil said…
Thanks for the namesake.
Keetha said…
I love him and I DO hope he'll be quite "handy" (pun intended) with that shovel he's holding!!!
Anonymous said…
Rachel and Hannah Richards say: Hey Wes and Luke, that's the strangest snowman we have ever seen since we made one ourselves. Way to go!
The Hollands said…
Nice snowman..we added a new addition to our house as can check her out at our blog. She is a lovely lady and if it wasn't for the "Packers" hat they may make a good couple!! Enjoy reading your blog!! ~Jaye

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