Preaching Sites

1.. Bible Gateway
2. Strong's Concordance
3. Sermon Illustrations
4. Crosswalk -- Commentaries
5. Sermon Spice
6. Worship Planning Resources (Methodist)
7. Christian Classics
8. Cyber Hymnal
9. Sermon Central
10. Brainy Quote
11. Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words
12. Bible History
13. Bible Maps
14. Smith's Bible Dictionary
15. HItchcock's Bible Names
16. Bible Word Pronunciation

What would you add to this list?


jtmitch said… has both a free and pay side. The illustrations are great and can be approached by various search parameters. The pay side offers full access to articles in Leadership Magazine and some other stuff. Tommy
JustinJNierer said…

I have found that the little things "backgrounds, countdowns" matter as well.
Denny Johnson said…
a great new Prayer site:

just up and running.
Denny Johnson said…
Short term mission trip suggestion:

offer to train local SS teachers to use Flannel Graphs. takes two days to train them. then give them the sets. best to train 30 at a time from different local congregations. Most are starving for materials to disciple their children. Kids Around the World can help. Give each teacher trained a set. Donated by your church... They also need musical instruments to attract the kids and youth.

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