Great demographics here at Zip Skinny.
Just punch in your zip code -- and presto -- a wealth of information!


JustinJNierer said…
OH MY WORD!! I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW. least thank you profusely. I really needed a site like this.

Malcolm said…
I have been using ZipSkinny for about six months now... as a missionary here in the mountains of West Virginia, ZipSkinny has become one of my most important ministry tools.

I am a stats guy, and used to pour over the Census website for hours to find what I can get in a few clicks on ZipSkinny.

It has helped us to decide where to plant our next mission sites, and has helped to see the vision of where we need to be going as a ministry.

Dale Argot said…
Let me add my word of thanks. In just two clicks, I found out a great deal about the place God has called us to serve. I'm looking forward to punching in several of the other surrounding zip codes, to see how they compare. Keep up the good work. Dale
Anonymous said…
It has helped us decide where to plant.

So much better than the 'build it and they will come' mentality.

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