Small Beginnings

Do not despise small beginnings.

Every giant redwood started out as a little seed.
Every skyscraper began with a shovel of dirt-digging down to go up!
Every eagle hatched from an egg, and every butterfly from a cocoon.

Every best-selling book and blockbuster film started as a thought.
Every grand invention began as a little idea.
Every good marriage started with a small glance and a smile.

Every great hero used to be a little baby.
Every world record musky started as a tiny fish egg!
Every heart-stirring song began with a single note.

So -- the world of small seeds, little ideas, single notes and fish eggs is the place where true greatness is born!

Do not despise small beginnings -- they contain the magic of wonderful hopes yet unfulfilled.


Anonymous said…
Also, do not despise the "dirt" we're forced to push through.

Just like seedlings, we need that dirt in order to grow. How would we learn if each day was simply sweetness and light? How would we grow without the daily hard lessons? What happens to a plant that gets too much water, and not enough sun? It becomes pale, weak, and eventually dies!

We need to push ourselves up through that dirt, lift our whole beings up to Him, and let His grace rain down. Just like a seedling, we'll be renewed and nourished.

Just another seedling checking in...
Matthew Tietje said…
Thanks for this - it's very encouraging!
jasonpage said…

I love todays blog.
I want to use this for a sermon.
Cora White said…
it is all about obedience.

if it is about God and God's will, it will prosper. But it will prosper on God's terms and on his scale.

which doesn't always mean more lukewam bodies in seats, but rather on fire people positively blessing their communities.

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