To the Ball

Hannah and I went to the Father Daughter Ball in Duluth last night. We had a blast. She beamed. It was beautiful to see so many dads affirm and bless their daughters. The ballroom was packed with young princesses -- and old kings.

We laughed a lot -- and most of us Dads ran out of steam before the kids did. Today, I'm a Happy Pappy. Definitely worth the sore foot sacrifice.


Phil & Kathy said…
Hi, I am a friend of Keetha's from Laotto, IN. I was wondering if Tim & Leann Conner are a part of your church? We were in Guatemala a couple of times with teams from Wisconsin and I think they said Hayward. Anyway, if they are a part of your church, please give our greetings. Kathy (& Phil) Troyer
Keetha said…
Hello, I'm Keetha, Kathy Troyer's friend. :-)

I was wondering if the "ball" in Duluth last night was a purity ball? If so - - Greg took our youngest daughter, Korie, to one of those a few years back and it was very special time for the father's and daughters who attended.

Great idea.

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