Why Can Pay So Much?

Yesterday, during the sermon, I told this story about a young Russian officer who was contemplating suicide because of his overwhelming gambling debts.

At our third service, as I was telling it, I felt a strong prompting to say something else. "I sense that maybe there is someone here in this room who has been thinking about ending your life. God wants you to know that there's hope. There's another way! Suicide is not the answer."

I surprised myself when I said that. It was certainly not a part of the message I'd prepared.

After the service, a young visitor came up to me in tears. "That was for me," He said, "Just this week I was thinking of ending it all. I need Jesus in my life. Can you help me?"

I prayed with him and led him to Christ. Then, introduced him to one of my assistants, who counseled with the young man, and gave him a Bible.

When everything is looking down around you -- Look Up to Jesus! That's where you will find Hope!

Looks like we'll be lighting the Faith Candle again.


cora white said…
wow Mark that is great

obedience = blessing.

think of that man had you not followed the prompting of the spirit

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