Sluggish Economy and Church Finances

David Bell, president of Covenant Quest, graciously shared some very helpful advice with me in a recent e-mail conversation concerning church offerings and budgets.

After our correspondence, he wrote a wonderful article on the subject:
Sluggish Economy Increases Financial Pressure for Church Leaders

It is a valuable resource for pastors.


Anonymous said…
I still remember the sermon you gave about 15 years ago, about how we can't out-give God...we give a teaspoonful, and He pours out a shovelful of blessing in return. It's about faith, not bank accounts.
I think it was in the Alpha course that I heard the statement--the great tragedy of life isn't in what we've suffered, but in what we've missed. Sacrificial giving brings some measure of suffering....and giving brings a greater measure of blessing--blessing that we would have missed because of our fear and lack of faith.

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