Wisconsin should have clobbered Davidson.


Anonymous said…
Greetings Mark,
Value your ministry, but I am a Tar Heel fan from North Carolina. They don't call it March Madness for nothing.
Because we are still 'in the game' I have to look fresh in the morning, after watching basketball half the night!
Perhaps you might coach next year and start a new blog: "Revitalize Your Basketball Team." However, I think the Good Lord knows you are best at ministry!
I pray that I don't have to use your tag line in the morning. That would be a bummer. Blessings Al
Keetha said…
I can't stand UNC - - - sorry Al whoever you are. However, I still think you're going to win the whole shebang.

Mark, I'm grieving with you over our Badgers. Grieving I tell ya.

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